The Ltd is the type of company that is most chosen by companies that want to open a company or business in Malta. It is a company whose participations are represented by shares and whose shareholders can be both natural persons and other companies. For the establishment of an Ltd in Malta it is sufficient to appoint a director, not necessarily resident on the spot.

Plc, on the other hand, is comparable to our S.p. A. and it is a corporate form that is normally used by large companies. A minimum capital of 50,000 euros (or an equivalent amount in another currency) is required for its establishment. Also in this case, to open a Plc it is not required that the administrator be resident on the spot and the shareholders can be both physical subjects and companies.

Members and administrators may not be residing in Malta.
To protect the identity of the members, you can choose to appoint a trustee or establish a trust. This second choice involves the transfer of the shares by the customer to a trustee (who will become the actual owner of the shares), who will have the task of administering them based on the will of the customer and any other beneficiaries.
Members can choose to remain anonymous by appointing a trustee. To do this, simply sign a fiduciary mandate with a local professional. The customer can maintain the exclusive management of the current account. The role of trustee can be revoked by the customer at any time.